Explore, dine, and unwind in style

For the escapist

From seaside splendour to country charm and gothic intrigue, Ireland is a land of many magical moments and places. Ideal for those who wish to unleash their inner wanderlust, our exquisite residences are located at close proximity to a myriad of historical monuments that chronicle the tales of time. 

For the foodie

Fancy a tantalising taste of Ireland's finest gastronomic offerings? Be it MICHELIN-starred dining, hearty country feasts, artisanal baked treats, afternoon teas, or summery beachside bites, CLIFF's outstanding culinary outlets guarantee to impress and delight any gourmand.

For the spa lover

Whether you wish to savour a botanical breather in Ireland's lush countryside, or nautical wellness in the sunny south east, The Well at CLIFF's destination spas promise to energise, enliven, and elevate your senses.

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