Enliven, energise and elevate your senses

Offering a lovingly curated selection of natural therapies, our destination spas are renowned for their incredible experiences. Utilising a range of products from The Well at CLIFF range, sustainability is woven into the very heart of our ethos. Learn more about our desintation spas below.

The Well by the Sea

Overlooking panoramic vistas of Ireland's seascape, The Well by the Sea is a maritime haven offering a stunning array of treatments in serene spaces. From personalised yoga to botanical facials, outdoor baths, and so much more, there's bliss in every moment spent within its bounds. An expansive infinity-edge swimming pool within the premises creates an illusion of unending space - serving as a sleek gateway to Ardmore's gorgeous seascape.

The Well in the Garden

Nestled in the lovingly restored Carriage House, The Well in the Garden is a serene haven. Encapsulating within its bounds quaint treatment rooms, rustic outdoor baths and a cosy sauna tucked away in an intimate nook, this unique destination offers an exquisite selection of treatments. Also accessible to all guests is the lush Village Thermal, an outdoor recess with Finnish barrel saunas, a jacuzzi and refreshing showers.

The Well at CLIFF Product Range

Authentically Irish, sourced from native soil and sea, the Well at CLIFF product range contains soothing balms, restorative oils, fragrant bath salts, facial massage tools, and so much more.

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