Traverse Ireland's storied pathways

This enthralling coastal walk along Ardmore's rugged cliffs treats the senses to refreshingly tantalising sea breeze and seasonal flora and fauna. Also bedecked with a myriad of monuments from Ireland's storied past, the Ardmore Cliff Walk unravels fascinating chronicles from the country's vibrant heritage. 

Begin your voyage through time with St. Declan's Well - a monument believed to have been frequented by the Irish saint to reflect and meditate. 

Trace the undulating landscape around Ardmore Head and Ram Head, offering panoramic views of Samson Wreck - the ruins of a crane barge which was bound from Liverpool to Malta in 1987. 

Revisit the Lookout Tower, a relic of the Nepoleonic Wars, built to warn the Irish in case of invasion. This renowned heritage site was also used by Irish coastal personnel during World War II to log all ships and aircraft that passed Ardmore. 

Revel in the majesty of the 12th-century Ardmore Round Tower, which stands at a height of over 29 metres. Built by the monks of early Irish monasteries, this grand tower served as a place of solace, worship, and refuge.

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