Rhode Island

The lovingly restored Rhode Island cottage presents a marriage between country living and modern convenience. Situated between our estate gardens and the iconic lily pond, it's surrounded by enchantment.

A private entrance reveals a spacious lounge, dotted with stylish furniture and period paintings. Punctuated by a fireplace and wide-set casement, there's rustic charm in every detail. A petite passageway connects the lounge to an equally exquisite dining hall, embellished with quaint décor. Downstairs, you will also find a tastefully designed kitchen, offering views of sprawling gardens, aflush with seasonal flowers. Fitted with a floor-to-ceiling glass door, the kitchen serves as an entranceway to a seating area amidst the retreat's lush lawns.

An antique staircase leading upstairs reveals two beautifully designed bedrooms with four-poster beds. The master bedroom is complete with a large balcony overlooking the lily pond. Country classic furnishings lend a distinct personality to this magnificent house.

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